Identitetskris - identity crisis

Erik Erikson psychologist and psychoanalyst was best known for his theory on the psychological development of humans and for coining the phrase identity crisis. He described an identity crisis as a time of intensive analysis and exploration of different ways of looking at oneself.

Identitetskris presents a series of works borne out of a time of analysis and looking at oneself. The works are not about the crisis itself, but rather the opportunities, the explorations, the landscapes, learnings and understandings that followed. They examine and connect with theories of human development during life stages, the nature versus nurture debate and of which behavioural aspects are determined by inherited (genetic) or acquired (learned) influences from external factors such as the product of exposure, life experiences and learning on an individual. They explore what shapes us and creates us, why we become who we become, and how we become who we have become.

Identitetskris is an organic and authentic journey, it's neither linear nor smooth, but depicts life and the disorderly nature of self. Created in multiple locations from city to sea, in various environmental conditions and events, such as catastrophic bush fires and the year that is 2020! Painted using uplifting experiential abstraction the linen expanded, contracted, breathed as if human, influenced by the environment, determining the forms, layered development and outcomes. They serve as an inspiration and a reminder of how, in times of crisis, opportunities emerge for resilience, hope, connection and evolution for well being.

Melissa Mladin Löwgren