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Melissa Mladin sources her paintings from a mix of science, mythologies and spiritual beliefs. Having long studied the stories of cultures, philosophy and psychology, she brings her search for meaning and understanding to the canvas, offering the viewer a pictorial symphony of human experience and emotions with veils of ephemeral, ethereal colour and raw, earthy surfaces.


Her intuitive process strives toward the Buddhist state of "no mind". Employing paint as a physical medium to commune within and connect with the universe, Anima Mundi, her method produces an internal landscape steeped in scientific understanding and mystical insight.​ "I believe everything starts at home – within yourself, within the self as home, and within the spaces we dwell and occupy." Thus, her paintings function as immersive personal journeys.

By accessing both subconscious and conscious paths to esoteric knowledge through a material spirituality, Melissa's inquiry aligns with 20th-century abstract expressionists such as Mark Rothko and Helen Frankenthaler. However, her purpose of energetically infusing space with illuminating encouragement and frequency sets her project within a world of its own. She says, "Through my work, I hope to translate a journey for the viewer into a landscape of possibility and commitment, to create a dialogue within self for growth and change."

Drawing upon her skills as developed working professionally with domestic and commercial interior design clients, Melissa Mladin's practice is grounded in instinct, intuition and a deep understanding of colour and materials, harmoniously and emotionally feeding all human senses and interior space.

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